Do not water lawns every day, this allows the lawn to develop a shallow root system and easily becomes stressed during the hot/dry weather.  A deep rooted lawn only requires 20-30 minutes watering, 2-3 times a week. If you are on Mains watering system then you are only allocated 2 watering day (see
watering days schedule) If you are on a bore water system, you are allowed to water 3 times per week on your allocated days. (see watering schedule days). 

You must water your lawn either before 9am or after 6pm.  

The deep watering will encourage deeper roots, and the use of a wetting agent will provide further benefit.  October and January are the best times of the year to apply a good quality wetting agent, this will ensure better water penetration.  

There is a bonus in such a watering programme, it keeps a variety of summer weeds in check as their root systems cannot reach the water that your lawn is happily feeding on.  It is estimated a lawn can reach down to 45cm. (18 inches) in depth. 

Watering is best done early in the morning when conditions are still and evaporation is minimal.  You should avoid watering at night as it increases the risk of fungal diseases.

Bluegrass Lawnmowing is a Certified Waterwise Contractor and can advise you on a suitable watering programme for your lawn.

See watering days schedule
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