Western Australia leads Australia in lawn presentation (the bowling green finish).  To maintain this level, the lawn needs to be mowed regularly, preferably with a cylinder mower, this will also keep them in good condition.

Bluegrass Lawnmowing mow at 12 mm or less in summer, this height will give the roots sufficient protections from the sun and avoid serious thatching.

NOTE:  Lawns should be mowed just above the photosynthesis line.  If the lawn is growing rapidly, there is no benefit in raising your blades.  The lawn must be mowed more often otherwise problems such as thatching and spongy lawns will develop. 

Frequency of mowing at the correct height is essential in order to achieve a firm, green and healthy lawn.  It can vary from 1-2 weeks between mowing in summer, winter is usually 3 weekly, any extension to this period will see a weed problem develop.

Bluegrass Lawnmowing will happily assist you with a regular lawnmowing programme suitable for your lawn.
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